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CIG 1497


This unit was part of the last batch of Phase 2 4CIGs, unit numbers from 7367 to 7438, that were built at York works.


7367 entered service on 27/3/71 our unit-previously 7414-entered service 11/12/71. All units were painted blue and grey with full yellow ends. 7414 stayed with its original formation until the TS 71082 was removed when it went to the Lymington branch, due to short platforms.

Formation of the unit 7414

  Diagram No. Code no. Lot No.
DTC 76764 453 FA-2A 30814
MBS 62401 423 EA-2A 30814
TS 71082 472 BO-1A 30817
DTC 76834 452 FA-2A 30815

The Unit was derailed at Waterloo on 24/11/74 back in traffic January 1975. the Unit was renumbered 1214 during September 87.

The Unit went to Eastleigh for facelift 29/9/92 and was renumbered 1883,and probably painted Network SouthEast colours, released to traffic 2/11/92. Face lifted units received new codes, formation as follows:

1883 last use as 4CIG unit on 17:45 Waterloo to Havant 21/1/05,at this time it would have been in Southwest train livery, on 22/1/05 went to Wimbledon where TS71082 was withdrawn reducing CIG to three coaches and converted for use on Lymington branch. The unit was then repainted back to blue and grey and renumbered 1497. Released to traffic 15/5/05. Unit withdrawn at Bournemouth 22/5/10, last working 22:14 Lymington pier to Brockenhurst. Sold to 1497 Freshwater Preservation Group moved to MNR from Bournemouth 28/9/10 hauled by GBRF Class 66 705 “Golden Jubilee”.