Buffet 69318


This vehicle was originally part of Phase 1 4BIG Unit no. 7048. These units-along with the Phase 1 CIG Units were the first units of this type, replacing Southern railway built 6PAN and 6PUL units. They were known as Brighton Line replacement stock.



Paint date and approximate release date from York Works 23/2/66, painted green at this time- it was painted blue and grey at its first overhaul. Released to traffic on 16/8/66. Original formation:

  Diagram No. Code no.
DTC 76129 453 FA
MBS 62070 423 EA
TB 69318 427 BP
DTC 76075 452 FA

DTC 76129 was made spare and replaced with 76108 ex-withdrawn 7333 February 1981.

In August 1983 76108 was put back to being spare and then replaced by 76123 ex 7042.

Unit to Wolverton for asbestos strip 22/2/85 and released 23/10/85 and renumbered 2109.

Due to BIG units doing higher mileages than the CIG units and with the Phase 1 units having Mark 4 motor bogies, needing higher maintenance and poor riding qualities, it was decided to exchange all remaining Phase 1 buffets into Phase 2 units, which had the better Mark 6 bogies. Unit 2109 became 4CIG unit 1759 on 16/11/89. At the same time unit 1298 (which was originally 7398) was changed to 4BIG unit 2259, losing its TS 70166 to go into 1759, and TB 69318 taking its place.

In May 1993 four 8DIG units were introduced and marketed as Capital Coast Express, each formed of recently ex-works CIG and BIG units. Unit 2259 became part of 8DIG unit 2004, consist as follows:



The unit was disbanded in January 1997, and went back into normal service as 2259 and 1901. The very last BIG in service ran on 24/12/97 with a buffet open. 2259 the buffet was out of use by 23/12/97 and the unit was off lease 27/3/98 and stored at Gatwick. It was moved to Bournemouth storage 8/4/98 and used by Southwest Trains with the buffet locked out of use. Unit was sent to Eastleigh for overhaul 31/8/99 and buffet 69318 was removed replaced by 4CEP TS70292 ex unit 1554. Unit was renumbered as Greyhound Unit 1398 on 9/10/99.

Unit 1398 was withdrawn at Bournemouth 26/5/05 last working 11:35 Waterloo to Bournemouth. 1/6/05 to Immingham for scrapping. TS 70292 sold to private owner and remaining coaches cut up July ’05. TB 63918 stored at Eastleigh until c 3/03, then moved to Castle Hedingham for use as a mess room. Sold to Brian Humber c 1/12. Moved to Great Central railway for bogie change on 26/3/12 ,moved to MNR on 14/4/12. Both moves done by Allelys.

1759 withdrawn Lovers Walk 3/6/04, last working 9:36 Victoria to Brighton. Moved to Gatwick for storage then onto Stewarts Lane 15/6/04 for shoe gear removal then hauled to Caerwent for scrapping 28/6/04. Cut between 16 and 19/7.