Here is a brief history of 73210 in preservation from the Chairman. More will be added at a later date.


I was also responsible for saving 73210 I have always like these locos and with my time spent at VSOE Stewarts Lane I became more and more impressed with the working capability of these locos on the Orient Express.

73210 was rescued from Eastleigh when the works was being closed, and the loco was at risk of being cut up. It is at present the only preserved Gatwick Express Class 73. The loco was restored to working order at the Gatwick Express premises, and rededicated in the name Selhurst, which it originally carried, by Tony Francis on 24/9/08 the day before it left with 73136 Perseverance for its journey to Dereham on the MNR where 210 is now based.

Since being on the MNR the loco is regularly being used for works trains and shunting, and is favoured by all the staff. The loco is also able to provide push-pull workings with unit 1497, which we have found to be popular with volunteers and visitors alike. It has also had made a gala appearance at the East Lancs Railway Diesel Gala in July 2013.