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Since having 1497 the priorities have been keeping the water out. Due to having limited funds a lot of this has been temporary but are hoping this winter will be able to make a more permanent solution to this problem. Other work is keeping the Unit fit for use on MNR. The Unit was in quite poor condition when it arrived, we have replaced or repaired all the damaged or ‘odd’ quarterpads, the old or damaged seating has been repaired or replaced, we have reinstated one toilet so far (all were taken out when it was on Lymington branch) we intend to get another two toilets working in the future. There were also lots of internal parts missing, most have now been replaced as have the rotten window surrounds. The cabs and guards compartment have been repainted. Our long term aim is to restore the unit to a condition it would have been in in its prime. The first vehicle being dealt with is the buffet car, as it is out of the unit and will be inserted when restored. It is being restored to ‘as built’ condition with Trojan moquette and original tungsten lighting. We also intend to get as much as possible working on the unit without stopping it from being able to go back on the mainline at some time.

I would like to thank all the group members who helped to raise the money to save and move 1497. Also to Dennis Hoy for his contribution, without his input we would not have had enough money to buy the unit, and to Brian Humber for purchasing the buffet and saving it from a bleak future.